Sunday, May 10, 2009

V. Exciting News

I'm back! We survived the trip to the North and it was actually quite pleasant. While I was gone the Social Security Administration released the names for 2008. I wasn't surprised to see the list since the top 25 girls names have stayed the same since about 2004. For boys it's also been consist ant with the mostly traditional names; Nicholas dropped from 15 in 2004 to 29 in 2008 and that was pretty much the only notable mover.

Some Snob favorites debuted in the top 100, Matilda sauntered in at 829, Kenley (thanks Project Runway!) is 998 and feisty Irish Sloane is 999.

I also want to announce that we will have a guest writer on the snob! Jessica, who has sons with awesome names Ashton and Dane, will be answering some of your emails and requests. So please welcome her to the Snob Team.

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