Thursday, May 21, 2009

an AJ for Laura

Hi, I got your blog site from a friend of mine, that I met through a parenting forum. I am currently pregnant with my second child, due end of November, begining of December. I don't know what I am having yet. but I would like to have a name picked out for when I do find out. Me and my husband have a couple of names we kinda like but don't LOVE....

Our son's name is Alan Joesph Jr... so he and his dad share a name. I would like to have a name that has the A and J in it. so far we have Aaden for a boy, and maybe Alexis for a girl... I really would like John for a boy middle name after my grandfather....I would really love it if you could help.

Thanks! Laura

Hi Laura,

Right off the bat I veto the spelling of Aaden, it is just too Gosselin-y to me. If you really love the name (and Aidan John has a nice ring) I'd go with the Aidan/Aiden spelling. For boys I picked out some cool A names for you

Archie (Archer)

and they all sound good with John. Arlo John is my favorite of the group.

Here are my AJ names for girls.

Adriana Jade
Amara Joy
Amelia Jane
Anabelle Juliet
Annalise Jane
April Jolie
Arella June
Ariel Joy
Audrey Jane

I think Jane is a spunky middle name that works with almost any name. Also it's the feminine version of John so it still is a tribute to your grandfather.

Happy naming!

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