Sunday, November 8, 2009

B names for boys and girls

We are expecting our first child, we do not know yet if it is a boy or a girl. My name is Blayne and my husband's name is Blair, and our last name also begins with B, and is long and slightly challenging. I really like that both our our names are somewhat unusual, and since we have all the Bs going on we decided to just go with it and stick with B names. I find that it is a pain that both of our names work for either boys or girls, as people we meet for the first time have a hard time figuring out who is who. So our main qualifications would be that it starts with B, is somewhat unusual, has a masculine or feminine identity, and is something the child won't have to spell every time they meet someone (which I find that i have to do often). The names that we have agreed on so far are Briley and Bryce or Bryson. Beatrice/Beatrix have been firmly shot down. Middle name for a girl will probably be Marie and for a boy either Mathew or Thomas (all family names). What suggestions do you have for us?

Hi Blayne! I think I have a good list of names for you with their current ranking on the SSI. Let me know what you think.

Barrett (609)
Beckett (480)
Bennett (361)
Benson (n/a)
Braxton (202)
Breckin (n/a)
Brennan (263)
Brooks (601)

Belinda (629)
Belle (n/a)
Betsy (n/a)
Bianca (204)
Brenna (420)
Bridget (357)
Brielle (338)
Britta (n/a)

I really like Beckett Mathew, Brennan Thomas, Bianca Marie and Britta Marie. Good luck on your upcoming ultrasound! Keep me posted.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Big News from the Snob

I'm back. Again. Posting at work has become tricky as I've been temporarily moved from my nice, quiet office upstairs to the loud main desk downstairs since we're short a few employees. I'm trying to keep this on the down low--only my boss at work knows as do some of my mama friends. We're surprising our families at Christmas so those of you that know me in real life--hush! Keep it off facebook please.

I ran out of things to pee on.

We went back home in the beginning of October and apparently we had a stow away and I didn't know it. One the drive back I started to think about freaking enormous my tatas were and how I feel crazy bloated, so we stopped at Target and I threw a 3 pack in for fun. I got a BFP at 11 PM that night, CD 27! Eeek! I had my first appointment this past Monday and my eggs must have been itching to get out of there since my ultrasound showed me at 8w 4d and not 8 weeks exactly. They bumped up my due date to June 10. Woot!

The lil' Junebug says hello.

And thank goodness for this blog, I already have all my favorite names in one spot. I know this is nerdy, BUT the Social Security site will have the 2009 names up by May so I can have an even more accurate idea of naming trends and popularity. I am thinking if it's another boy we'll do a more surname-sounding name and if it's a girl, well shoot. Girl names are the best!

No J, C, B or W names though. My husband tattoos our kids' initials on his shoulder and I don't want the same letters over and over.

We still have 11 weeks until we find out! But with Christmas coming up and everything in between, I am hoping it flies by. My semester ends December 7, thank goodness! It's truly amazing how 6.5 hours a week in class manages to utterly destroy any semblance of free time. I can't go to the gym; I have to read for class. I leave work early to get the boys from school/daycare and then somehow make up the time later in the week. I timed this pregnancy perfectly though--I can take the summer off from grad class AND work and just enjoy the sunshine with a new wee tiny baby.

I'm already feeling like I have a pooch--perhaps because it's the third baby in 5 years? I wore maternity pants to work yesterday, which was hilarious. They are so comfortable with the band but they are huge in the butt/thighs so I sagged all day. It's back to the regular pants with a rubber band trick.