Saturday, May 30, 2009

Retro but unique for Jennifer

I found you on the nest. :) I thought it would be fun to toss our names around with you and see what your thoughts and suggestions might be.It's very possible we are having a girl but it was our unofficial ultrasound and they didn't want to give us false hope. So I am still throwing bothboy and girl names around to be certain. Our last name sounds like Ree - See- Me - Us. Our first son is Broderic Scott.

I am like many of your readers. I like retro names, our names that sound like names but are still unique.So for girls we have Selah as our leading name. (SAY-LAH). We are throwing around Ashlyn, Rose, or Ann for middle names. Ashlyn is to honora family member. Other girls names are Daphine, Calista (Callie), Maggie, and Stella.We definately like names with nicknames and that is my struggle sometimes, if I can't get a nick name out of it I go a bit buggy. With Selah we were thinking of calling her Seely.

Boys are interesting. One of our favorite names is Bennett. :) However, my husband and I recently thought of the name Thorsen and we would call him Thor. We were made fun of a little bit. I am wondering what you think, is it to over the top?? We also like Quinton (Quinn), Byron, Larson, and you suggested to someone else the name Blaise... how do you pronounce that? For middle names I would like to use Donald or Robert and that makes it quite a mouthful with our last name. This is one of my setbacks with Bennett, as you can imagine Bennett Robert R_ is a little long.Well, that's it for me. Looking forward to hearing back from you,


Hi Jennifer! I like your style. Selah is a very cool name, it may have some issues as far as pronounciation. I love your girl names. Stella and Calista are beautiful names with cute nicknames. Selah Rose is very feminine and pretty. For Maggie, what about Magdalena for the first name? Following your vibe I also like

Cora Ann
Evangeline Rose
Lydia Ann
Viola Rose

Well Bennett is a great name. ;) Thor may be a little over the top, with the namesake being the God of Thunder or whatnot. But if you love it, use it! Of your names I like Quinton/Quinn a lot followed by Blaise. You pronounce it like 'blaze' but that's the French spelling. I think the name list it was on was for someone that wanted more European style names. Legend has it that my name was going to be Blaze if I were a boy, but I find that hard to believe since my mom named her sons with traditional names like Shaun, Ryan and Garrett.

Quinton Robert has a nice ring. Do you have a nickname for your oldest? Broderic is a good one, I may have to steal it for my blog. Some random other fun names to think about:

Dashiell (Dash) Robert
Finnian (Finn) Donald
Lennon Robert
Wilson (Will) Robert

Keep me updated! Happy naming.

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jpandtheboys said...

Thanks for the response it was fun to read. Broderic's nickname is Brody. :) I love the name Dashiell. Dash... too cute.