Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Names for Jan & Jason

Hi Baby Name Snob,

This will be our first child (due in early November). We do not know the sex of the baby yet. If possible, I would love to use the middle name LouRee for a girl (after my Grandmother) and Chapin for a boy (after my Grandfather and pronounced Chape-in). We're not dead set on having to use these as middle names, they were just a starting ground for us. We're not much for traditional names, but don't like anything too off the wall like Rain, Summer, or Pheonix. We want a strong name that will sustain into adulthood, but yet unique enough to not blend in with the crowd. Some names that we've thought of but not yet agreed on are:

Girls: Adleigh, Ainsley, Ashlyn, Brylee, Brinley, Reese, Renna, Riley
Boys: Avery, Braxton, Bryson, Jaxton, Brody, Caden, Gavin, Greyson

None of these names are popping out to us. This will give you an idea of what style of names we like though. We don't care what the name starts with. Both my husband and my name start with a "J" and my husbands whole family all have "J" names. Not sure if that is the route to go or not (us all having "J" names too). Our nieces and nephews are Abby Lynn, Andrew Todd, Alexis (Allie) Grace, and Parker Graeme Thomas (all too traditional for us). We'll be the oddballs on both sides of the family and are ok with that.

It's so hard to pick out a name that will stick with your child for the rest of their life. *sigh* We need your help!

At A Loss For Names,
Jan & Jason

Hey, Jan and Jason.
You have a lot of great ideas to start with so that helps a lot as far as what you guys like. So Ive come up with a big list of both boy and girls names for you! Plus I really love the family names you guys are thinking about using for middle names. They are unique and cool. (thumbs up!) I mostly picked names I felt would sound good while keeping the hypothetical middle name's in mind. And I just decided to stay away from the -J -names for now.

these are in no particular order.

Embry LouRee
Riona LouRee
Laney LouRee
Maisy LouRee
Rory LouRee
Teagan LouRee
Kerrigan LouRee
Piper LouRee
Madigan LouRee
Ellery LouRee
Annika LouRee
Reagan LouRee
Claire LouRee
Brynn LouRee
Emerson LouRee
Kendall LouRee
Quinn LouRee
Lorelei LouRee

Cohen Chapin
Harrison Chapin
Eli Chapin
Harlan Chapin
Thurston Chapin
Rowan Chapin
Ezra Chapin
Mckinley Chapin
Callum Chapin
Brecken ( I think this one is great tho Im not so sure with Chapin as the middle name)
Emery Chapin



JWJW2 said...

Oh my gosh! You are amazing! I love the variety of names you picked. The ones standing out to me right now are Embry (you nailed it on the first one) and Brecken. I like so many others that you chose too. You truly are talented. Thanks so much for your help!

theresa said...

Jessica rocks! She comes up with names that I wouldn't have thought of. I love the name Chapin!

Ellie said...

Embry and Brecken were my two favs reading your lists!

Jessica said...

Oh yay!! Im so happy you like them! Embry and Brecken are both such awesome names indeed! keep us updated with your decision! Take care.