Sunday, May 10, 2009

Beer snob

I just discovered your blog and have "catching up." You have such great name suggestions, so I've been reading everything trying to find the perfect girl name. I have a son name Lucas and am expecting a girl. I love the name Lucas, but am starting to realize that I may have "Jennifer'd" I like to call it.

I'm having such a hard time finding the right name for my baby. My husband hates everything I love, so it's been really hard. I love Stella, Scarlett and Lola...however he thinks I'm totally insane. He likes Amelia, but I just don't care for it for some reason (I like it for other peoples babies...not that that makes any sense).

I've even resorted to using my "beer theory" about baby names since he is a total beer snob. I tell him good names are like beer. No one really likes beer the 1st time they try it. Once they acquire a taste they usually stick with something bland and boring like bud light (My hubby hates BL). Good names are like good acquired taste!

I know my analogy is a little strange comparing baby names to drinking beer, but I have to relate to him on his level. If you have any ideas for a baby girl I'd love to hear. Thanks!!

Hi Jennifer,
I'm Jessica, Theresa's new guest blogger. I hope I can help you shed some light on a few more possible likes for your soon to be new baby girl! With Scarlett I feel its kinda heading toward the -Jennifer- -Jessica- realm. on the Social security website in 2000 it was 941 and in 2008 it was 210 making a big move heading towards the top 50 quickly. And being a Jessica myself I like to keep a close eye on that ;).

I think Lola is a super cute name and goes well with big brother Lucas. Instead of Stella I would say Estella just to once again shy away from the growing popularity of Stella. Though I do appreciate the name a lot. Some others I think would go well with Lucas and your style while still keeping your husbands like of Amelia in mind are...

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jenn.swanstrom said...

Thanks Jessica! Cora is another name that we are considering. I also love Camilla. My husband is so darn impossible...he still thinks everything I come up with is weird, but all of a sudden is OK with Stella. I'm not 100% commited at this point. I'm really digging Cora.

I'm just glad to see we are on close to the same page! Thanks for your help!!!