Monday, May 11, 2009

Second Boy.

Just found your blog for the first time. So fun! My husband and I are expecting baby boy #2 in September. Our 3 yr old's name is Ryan William. We would like to use my maiden name, Clifton, as the middle name. I feel like I keep seeing the same names over and over again and we can't really agree on anything.
Any suggestions?

Hey Brooke.
So Ive broken a list of suggestions down for you into two categories one being more classic names tho not overly used and the other being on the maybe not as seen as often.

For the classics I like.
Henry Clifton
Oliver Clifton
Andrew Clifton
Evan Clifton
Christian Clifton
Garrett Clifton
Reid Clifton

Ok Maybe Andrew is used a lot. But its a classic name I just adore. ;)

For the not as seen as often.
Taran Clifton
Eldon Clifton
Darian Clifton

of course your last name could make or break some of these depending on. Tho I hope you guys like a few of them!


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