Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ashley's List

Baby is still "John Doe D." as we call him, lol. He's nameless and will most likely remain nameless until he is born since mom and dad DO.NOT.AGREE on names at all. Any suggestions? I'll give you the names he refuses to let me name him... Nolan James, Charlie, Zachary James, Ethan James. I could go on and on and on....

His favorite names are:Micheal, Dalton and Grant Jordan.

The names we semi agree on: Christopher Joseph III and calling him Trey (This is pretty much our back up plan, He always wanted a III, Im not a huge fan of having a III but naming him Trey is better.) Trey is a common name for 3rd child in generations that's named as a III. Jack (We both like this name but not in love with it)So feel free to give suggestions, we both are not in love with trendy common names such as Holden, Carter, Conner, Aiden type names. They are all WAY too popular right now and I had a popular name growing up and hated it. (P.S, I have NOTHING agaisnt these names) We like classic, solid names more so in top 100-200 lists. If this boy turns out to be anything like his father, tall and huge with size 18 foot, he can't have a wussy or trendy name. It.Just.Wont.Fit. Let me know if you can help,
Thank You, Ashley

I feel your pain in regards to the III. My husband is a Jr but technically the third Donald in his family. Just the other day we were driving and he blurted out "If we have another boy can we name him Donald?!" We ended up with James because it's my husband's middle name and that was as far as I was willing to budge. At least Christopher isn't an awful name like Donald. I love my husband but I refuse to call any child Donny. With Bennett we were literally arguing while I was on the table (c/s) over his middle name, he wanted Donald and I wanted Jude. I won.

So I racked my brain and looked through the books to find names that were masculine and suitable for a very large man. hehe!

Abram (Abe)
Ben (Benjamin, Bennett, Benson)
Calvin (Cal)
Samson/Samuel (Sam)
William/Wilson (Will)
Weston (Wes)

Any winners? I think most of them would work well with a middle name of Christopher, Joseph or James. I like Austin Joseph, Miles Christopher and Weston James. Nothing wussy about them.

Special thanks to Jessica W for her input on non-sissy names. :)


jamie said...

ohhh...weston james is a great manly-man's name! love it!

Ashley & Chris said...

Just wanted to let you know, our precious baby was born at 26 weeks and only survived 3 days. we ended up naming him Nolan, "our little fighter"
All his info is on the blog