Monday, May 11, 2009

Amy's names

I just found your cool!

My husband and I are expecting our first, and maybe only, child in early November. My name is Amy Rae. His name is Kevin Andrew. Rae is a family name and must be used for a middle name if it is a girl. Lee is also a family name we will use for a middle name if it is a boy. We are not finding out the sex of the babe :)

Kevin has two children Mikeala Lillian and Christopher.

I am of French-Canadian descent and Kevin is Irish. We would like something not too common but not too different. We both come from larger families so are having a hard time using names no one else has yet. Our last name is two syllables and starts with "N".

I like Sophie and he likes Claudia-Joy.
I like Finnegan and he likes Noah.


Hello Amy.
I like Claudia Rae a lot! Its not overly used and is also a wonderful French name. Keeping in mind what you like already Ive come up with a pretty decent sized list of ones to look over.

Elsie Rae
Margot Rae
Corinne Rae
Avery Rae
Mina Rae
Coraline Rae (This is my favorite)
Clara Rae
Charlotte Rae. (tho Charlotte is getting to be quite popular I think its a very pretty feminine name)
Fiona Rae. (Fiona- Gaelic for 'fair')
Lorna Rae. (a cute poplar Irish name)
Mirielle Rae. (a pretty French name)
Laelynn Rae. (a very popular Canadian name that I have never heard here and like a lot)

Warner Lee
Julian Lee ( a great french name growing in popularity at number 61 on the SSA list)
Quintin Lee
Jonah Lee
Harmon Lee
Ronan Lee (Gaelic for Little seal or Ronan king of Leinster) I really like this one!
Rory Lee (Gaelic for Red) super cute too!
Ansel Lee ( a popular French name)
Bryer Lee ( French Canadian)

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