Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Interesting article

I ran across an article tonight called Why Your Baby's Name Will Sound Like Everyone Else's. Clearly the author has not heard of the Name Snobs yet. ;)

They mention how names right now, especially girl names, are very vowel heavy and rhymey--Emma, Emily, Bella, Ella. Even with Emma being the number one name will only be 1% of the new baby population as opposed to the olden days when names like Mary could be up to 10% of the new babies in a year. How many of us have an aunt Mary or grandma Mary?

The article quotes name guru Laura Wattenburg, creator of the awesome baby name voyager. I love Laura's dedication to studying the psychology and social trends of baby names but she just isn't snarky enough for me. Girlfriend needs to lay down the law and post blogs telling readers that Neveah isn't really a name and Skyy with two y's just looks ridiculous. She's much more polite than I am.

Anyway, it's a good read and something I thought you all would like to read. Also, I've been told I need to post pics because this blog is boring. So here you are.

Bennett Jude, William David and Maddox Oberon last fall.


Guy Davis said...

Unfortunately the US stats typically list only the common baby names. This map of popular baby names includes names which might be used only once in an entire region so some really rare ones appear.

Tracy said...

I just have to laugh. I have a friend who named her daughter Neveah. My first thought was "that's a NAME???"

theresa said...

Thanks for the link, Guy!

Tracy, it's heaven backward. I wish I had an eye rolling smiley.

Ellie said...

I can't get the Popular Names to load. BOO!

Tracy and Theresa, when I had my oldest daughter, some chick had a Neveah and my mom asked her..."Like the Lotion?" Thinking she meant Nivea.