Sunday, May 10, 2009

Zoe or Ainsley?

My husband and I are going crazy trying to figure out what to name our future daughter. I am 20 weeks along, so I still have time, but I would love to be able to call her by a name, rather than "baby".

Anyway, we have narrowed it down to two and I need some help deciding!

First choice: Zoe or Zoey Catherine (which way should we spell Zoe/Zoey?)

Second choice: Ainsley Catherine

Here is our biggest problem... we find that people have comments for each of the names. With Zoe/Zoey, the biggest comment we get is "Oh, that was our dog's name". lol. OR we get "Oh, like the character on Sesame Street?" OR "Like Zoey 101 on Disney?" Blech.

The comments we get about Ainsley are "Isn't that a boy's name?" (really? I could never imagine that being a boy's name!) OR "It sounds made up" OR "That is too popular and could be considered trendy" (I have never met an Ainsley in my life, so this is news to me!)

Anyway, enough of my ramblings... Which one is better? Please help! We are so ready to just pick a name!!!

Thanks, Hayley

Ainsley Catherine! I will put it to a vote for the snob readers and see what they say. Zoe is much more common (58, Zoey at 98) than Ainsley (441). I don't think Ainsley is trendy, I think it's very pretty and old fashioned. If she comes out and she looks like a Zoe, I'd use the without a y spelling. Good luck!

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