Thursday, April 30, 2009

Leaving on van?

I have a bunch of requests, thanks to my friends and readers pimping me out on messageboards. :) However, I will be out of town for about 10 days. We're going to visit family and crash with friends for a few days so it should be fun. And by fun I mean incredibley exhausting and overwhelming and I am bringing wine with me.

It's about a 10 hour drive up to Lansing and we're leaving this afternoon and hoping to make it to Indianapolis. It's going to be crappy interesting since Bennett has an ear infection and a nasty cough from the EI. He's on an antibiotic and a steroid for his cough, which is awful because he hates the medicine and we have to hold him down to get him to take it. :( So sad.

Anyway, I am still in business but since I am not taking my laptop nor my four name books I will be limited in my research. I can't post from my phone (yet!) but I'll be back soon and I'll have a plethora of wonderful unique options for your unnamed little babes.

See you next week!

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