Monday, April 27, 2009

A sibling for Ryker

I found your website from Baby Center and thought it might be fun to get your opinion and any other thoughts you might have! I am due on July 25th and my husband and I aren’t finding out the gender. I have a two year son named Ryker Lee.

We have a few names picked out for each gender for you to review. For a girl we like Halle , Kinley, Leyla, and Tegan. For a boy we like Braxton, Bryson, Carter, Jacek, or Maverik.

I really like the girl names and would be happy with one of those choices, but I feel we are struggling with boy names a bit more. I like the boy picks fairly well, but am not real set on any one. Also, my husband likes the girl name Callie, which I think is cute, but too close to my name, Kelli. What do you think? FYI, husband’s name is Tyrun. Last name sounds like hoo-wah. Thanks for any suggestions/opinions.

Hi Kelli,

With Ryker being such a strong and consonant heavy name, I think a name like Halle might be too soft sounding, especially with your last name. I like Kinley (Kenley?), Tegan, Leyla and then Halle. For the boy names I think Braxton sounds the best with Ryker followed by Bryson, Jacek, Maverick and Carter.

For Callie, are you open to using it as a nickname? What about using a formal name like Calla, Calliope, Calista (love this name) or Caledonia?

Keep me updated! Good luck with the last trimester. I wish you nights of uninterrupted sleep and no heartburn.

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