Saturday, April 25, 2009

Katie and Brent's baby names

Hi! My husband and I are expecting our first in December. We don't know if it is a girl or a boy. We think we have three names that we love for a girl (Amelia Grace, Olivia Mae, or Annalise - no middle name yet, maybe you could help with that as well? lol). We are having trouble finding a boys name, however. We have a list, but don't know that "the one" is there. My name is Katie Grace and his is Brent Lambert.

So far, the names we DON'T agree on are: I like Levi and Alexander and he likes Charles.

The names we DO have on our list are: Shepard, Silas, Samuel, Everett, and Connor.

For a middle name we are considering Robert (after my Grandfather) or my husband's name Brent. We aren't stuck on either of these middle names either though.

Can you help us come up with some more names that we will love? Thanks

You have some great ideas. Of your girl names Annalise is by far the less common--as far as middle names go, what about something like Jane or Faith? Some other names in the same vein as Olivia, Amelia and Annalise are


For your boy names, I think Silas Robert is a very strong name, closely followed by Samuel Brent. I love Everett but I think Robert and Brent are too 't' heavy with Everett. Other options:

Henry (too close to your last name?)

Keep me posted! I added a poll just for fun. :)


Jane and Matt said...

Amelia Jane?

Anonymous said...

Just to update - we are having a girl and have decided on Annalise Grace :-)

- Katie