Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Names for Abbey

Abbey came across my site through ivillage (and I think through Camille, thanks girl!). Her requirements:

*I would like it to start with an "A" for the fact that Brandon (my husband) and Braxton (my son) are fairly close in nature.
*My husband does like "Ali" for a name, but I have it okayed by him that it could be used as a nickname.
*He also said if it comes down to it he is open to anything.
*The only name that we feel is ok with right now is "Alyse" pronounced Alease.
*The middle name will be Kay after my mom who passed away when I was in 5th grade.
*I do like names that aren't that common. I feel my son's name is different enough, but not too out there.

Braxton is in the 200s according to voyager so your names are alphabetical, with the definition and current rank behind them. I figured I'd do a little extra work since I only had to research one letter. :)

Adair (beauty) n/a
Adaline (noble) n/a
Adora (beloved) n/a
Ainsley (my own meadow) 454
Alia (ascender) (n/a but its homonym Aaliyah is 84)
Alice (truthful) 346
Alison (form of Alice) 288
Annalise (from Anna) 676
Arabel (beautiful) n/a
Ariel (lion of God) 188
Arden (valley) n/a
Aria (musical term, solo song) 566
Ashlinn (dream) n/a
Audra (noble) n/a
Avril (April) n/a

I like your name choice, Alice and Elise are two of my favorite names. Of my list, I like Ainsley Kay, Annalise Kay and Alia Kay the best. Alison is closest to Braxton in popularity and Ali works as a nickname, too. Lots to think about! Good luck naming your little girl. I am a pale shade of green with envy over here.

p.s. I love that you and your husband are each using your letter for the kids' names. I know too many people that have a husband named John Thomas and name their kids Thomas and Jonathon. Where is all the love for the mothers? Rock on, mama!


Renee said...

Abbey I just have to say I love your son's name. My little guy is also named Braxton and have not heard of anybody else use it. Congrats on expecting a girl and have fun naming her.

Kimm said...

Yay for using Arabel on the list!! Mine is the only one I have heard of. :)