Monday, April 27, 2009

OMG I am famous! -or- Lindsay's names

Hi Baby Name Snob!
This is Lindsay, I am writing you from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and I love your blog! My husband (Gam short for Gamunu) and I are expecting our first baby this fall and need some more ideas for names. We have a few favourites but have trouble agreeing!

We like to stick to classic/retro names or new names but that aren't commonly used. Boys:Enzo, Jalen, Jaxon, Archer and Ari are some that one or both of us like. No idea on a middle name at all! Enzo is probably the leader at this time. Girls:Lucy, Georgia, Ruby, Presley and Sofia/Sophia are some that one or both of us like using Rose as a middle name for sure. Georgia and Lucy are tied in first for now. We have a very long Sri Lankan last name and our baby will be mixed race Caucasian and Sri Lankan. We would prefer a one or two syllable name, not any longer than that. I am interested to see what you might come up with! Thanks so much.

Hi Lindsay! I think you are my first Canadian request. I love Canadians! I spent every summer as a kid up on Prince Edward Island and I have family in Ontario and I think a cousin or two in Manitoba. Right on, eh? :)

OK let's get down to business. For your girl names I like them is this order: Lucy, Georgia, Sofia, Ruby, Presley. I think Lucy Rose is darling. If you care about popularity, it's quite a bit up there (135) as opposed to Presley (348). But really, it's nowhere near the top 10 and I've never met a baby Lucy. I think you're good. Other names I like with your style:

Hazel (I don't think it works with Rose though, it sounds like a country song)

Of your boy names, I like Enzo, Ari, Archer, Jaxon and Jalen. My issue with Jalen is that it's just too close to the 'aiden' names--Jayden/Jaden is all over the charts. Enzo and Ari are cool phonetic short names that will be hard to screw up. I can't really touch Ari and Enzo but I tried:


For middle names, do you have any family surnames that you can use? Or a song (Hey Jude) that means a lot to you? You can't go wrong with Ari Thomas or Enzo Daniel.

I hope I helped you decide on a name. Sometimes you just need to go in with two and then decide once you see that sweet baby face. <3 Good luck!


Tracy said...

I love Cora!!! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I believe Ari is a German female's name? Don't quote me on that...

theresa said...

Ari comes from the Hebrew Ariel and the Greek Aristotle. It was 532 for boys in the US last year.

I think it just depends on the pronounciation, if it's 'Ar' like car and not the long 'Ar' like air. It would make a pretty girls' name too.