Thursday, April 23, 2009

I have competition and her name is Jamie

hi baby name snob,

i too am a name nerd. i just LOVE names and coming up with the *perfect* combination! my son's name is beckett reed and we are constantly getting compliments on what a wonderful name he has. i love that it's unique without being obscure. it's a little bit of history with a little bit spunk. husband and i are trying to come up with an equally unique and wonderful name for the next little one.

so far we have a girl name, penelope june (nickname poppy) but are having trouble with a boy's name. we've also played around with the girl name matilda rose (nn milly). i think we've tenitively settled on sutton cole or sutton rhys. we were also considering langston cole, but it seems like a mouthful. i like to use family middle names; reed is my great grandparent's surname, june is for my grandma, and cole is a variation of my maiden name. i was just wondering what you thought of our name choices, being a fellow name nerd! i would love your input or suggestions also.
sincerely, jamie

Hi Jamie!

You have wonderful name ideas. Beckett is one of my favorite names, if we didn't have a Bennett it would be on my list for my next boy. Your girl names are super cute and classic--Poppy and Milly are great nicknames for a little girl and Penelope and Matilda are excellent names for a business card.

I like Sutton, it's not in the top 1000 but it's not unheard of either. Langston is a good name, it does seem like a mouthful but it's only two syllables and Langston Hughes is one of my favorite poets so that gives it a bump. Other names that I think you would like if he ends up not looking like a Sutton or Langston are


and they all sound great with Cole. For girl names, I'll toss out a few in case you ever have twins or triplets. ;)

Rosalie (Rosie)

Milly, Poppy and Rosie...aww. I may have to borrow those when I finally get around to writing my great American novel.

Happy baby naming!

love, theresa moira

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jamie said...

thanks so much!!! i love all your suggestions, so much so that i have a cat named atticus and we had sullivan on our short list for beckett too!

i love lorelei, but my husband doesn't like the meaning of it so we had to toss it (something like a sea siren, luring sailors to their death? not pleasant for a little girl ;))

i love your blog!