Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kim's List

Kim from Illinois wrote in for help with her fourth child's name. She has three children Colin, Claire and Keegan. She's looking for a K or C name that is uncommon but not too out there. She and her husband like the sounds of Cal, Caleb and Carter but they wanted something with a little more kick for their baby boy. It's a good thing you said you liked Irish names because most of the names that I thought worked with your sibset are Irish. :)

The number after is the current rank on the SSA's website.

Cade 293
Calden (Cal for a nickname) n/a
Callum (ditto) n/a
Camden 219
Clinton 755
Cullen 769

Keane n/a
Keaton 357
Kellan 882
Kenley n/a
Kevin 39
Kian (rhymes with Ian) 664
Kiefer n/a
Kieran (one of my favorite names) 571
Killian 836
Kingston 355 (jumped from 942 in 2006!)
Korrigan n/a
Knox n/a
Kylan 776

1 comment:

KimT said...

Ugh- We are still trying to figure out names here...
Husband really doesn't like Cal and I really don't like his number one pick Liam. Any suggestions? Tyler Lee Truesdale sounds awfully cute to me but it doesn't go with our unintentional "c" or "k" name choices for the siblings.
What do you think of Carter Elias/or/Elliott??? Thanks again for your help! I check every day now for updates on your blog!