Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tara's wee little baby hippie

Tara is one of my Alabama mamas. She has two girls, Trinity and Journey, and she's pregnant with another darlin' girl. Here is her dilemma:

He doesn't like Liberty cause Libby sounds werid (he chuckles every time I say it). But when I said Story he said, "Surprisingly I don't hate it." But he said it doesn't go with Trinity and Journey. We have pretty much agreed that the name will end in the long e sound. We also like Amy's idea of sticking with doubling names (using names that are also words) since we have that so far. Personally I like Stormy. We don't like Harmony, Destiny, Epiphany, Serenity (too much like Trinity), Ivory, Ebony, Ivy, Paisley, Charity, Sidney, Clarity, Marley, there's more but it's early...Anyone have any names that end in the long e sound and double??? The middle name will most likely be Diem.

I suggested

Mercury (I really like Mercy)
Serendipity (too wild?)

I personally am opposed to Stormy (as well as Dusty and Misty) as well, I just don't like them at ALL. I like Sunny but Sunny Diem? hehe

It's looking like the front runners are Story, Serendipity, Genesis and Felicity. I like Felicity but it doesn't quite work with Journey and Trinity for me. Of my suggestions I love Merrily (so happy!) and Everly. We need suggestions!


d e v a n said...

That's a hard one. I actually like Liberty aka Libby. :) I like Story, Felicity and Merrily.

Tracy said...

I like Marley. :)

missy said...

i like mercy and everly. what about justice? i think it would be cool to have a name with a similar "aura" as journey and trinity (which are SO cool, btw), but didn't end in the same "y" sound to have continuity with variety. is essence too bizarro? i think "esse" is kind of cute as a nickname.

tracy_a said...

Jubilee? I also knew a girl named Merry, but probably sounds too plain.

Ellie said...

I voted ....Felicity...because, yes, I have one! I also like Marley. I had a cat Marley. I also like Phoebe. Even though it doesn't have a "y" its pronounced that way!

JWJW2 said...

My vote is for Everly. I think it goes great with Trinity and Journey. Good luck!

Frazzled Mom said...

Surprisingly, I like Serendipity. And word names aren't my thing. But I've always loved Felicity and Verity - I think because they aren't words that are used often in conversation so they seem more name-like, if that makes sense. However, I don't feel Felicity or Verity would go with the older sisters who have word names that are very much word-like.

tracy said...

I like Everly.... but also love Tiger-Lily & Poppy

die K├Ânigin said...

Stormy is cool. Don't name the baby Story because there was a little girl on "Toddlers and Tiaras" named Story.