Saturday, June 6, 2009

Names for our friend Jackie!

Hi girls!!

I've talked to Jessica about names and hoping you can compile a list for me??? Pretty puhlease??!!!

Here's some information... if you have time, let me know what you girls can come up with!!

Likes & Dislikes:
-I like traditional names, but not overly traditional and about every traditional boy name out there has been used in our family.
-I don’t mind popular names, but not really popular names since I already have an Aidan.
-I also don’t like really weird, unusual names.
-I don’t like weird spellings of any kind.
-I don’t like weird celebrity names like Apple & Moses.
-I like really girly names.
-Not really a fan of Mc girl names.
-Boy names for girls don’t bother me, but it’s really not what I’m digging right now.
-Also, I’d like a name that doesn’t necessarily stand out and goes okay with Aidan & Cameron….doesn’t have to be Irish though.

Thanks girls! And I love ya!

So Ive been working on this on and off for awhile now. And really I was hoping Id have more then I do at this point. But I really just want to get my suggestions out and over to ya so I can get more of a idea if Im on the right path. :)

So for girls names I have:
Camilla (been suggesting this one a lot lately. I LOVE it and its #634 on the SSI website what a wonderful yet totally accessible name!)

And Im almost tempted to say Kirsten hehehe. (as in Kirsten Dunst because our friend Jackie looks a lot like this gorgeous actress)


Hopefully T will add to this list soon! your due date is quickly approaching! Eeeee! so exciting! I cant wait to find out what your having!



JWJW2 said...

I love the girls names Camilla and Cora (favorite being Cora). For boys, I love Beckett and Cullen (favorite being Cullen). Great name list!

JackieR76 said...

You are on the right path! I'm kind of digging Beckett and Julianne is on our list. Not sure what would be a good middle name for Julianne though. And Marty is not completely sold.

I need some honest feedback about using Blue, my maiden name as a middle name for either a boy or a girl.

I'll run these names past Marty and see what he says, in the meantime, keep em' coming if you think of anything else!


Jessica said...

I LOVE the idea of using Blue as a middle name. Its honoring your family plus you get the added bonus of it being a really cool name!

jamie said...

ohh....cullen blue is an AWESOME name! i'm partial to beckett myself, as i have one =) he is beckett reed. great names, once again!!

jamie said...

i forgot to mention, we have the name aurora blue on our name list for a girl. i think its just adorable together!

Renee said...

Jackie I think you should use Blue as a middle name! I think it is a great honor to your family. I think Julianne Blue is a very pretty name.

theresa said...

Blue is a great middle name-Shannon's little girl is Isaraya Blue. <3

Great names, J-bird!

Lisa Armstrong said...

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