Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shannon's baby girl's names

Shannon is in the home stretch and is due in just a few weeks. She and her husband like names like Sophia, Caroline, Emma, Camille, Claire, Isabella and Olivia. Jane may be a middle name option--and Stella is also a contender for the first name as it is a beloved family's members name. Because they have a difficult last name, they want something that is easy to spell and pronounce.

I picked names that are very feminine and just a titch more uncommon but are inspired by the names you like.

Emma--Emery (nickname Emmie)
Isabella--Isla (pronounced eye-la)

What about Estella/Estelle/Stellan for a middle name in honor of your grandmother?
Of your name choices, I like Sophia Jane, Stella Claire and Olivia Jane a lot.

Of my options, my favorites are Lucia Jane, Violet Jane and Stella Elise.

Is anything jumping out at you? Good luck! Please keep me updated. <3


JWJW2 said...

I love Stella Elise or Sophia Jane!

missy said...

love, love, love stella!!!