Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Boy names for Amy

We found out we are having our 2nd boy, figures since I had several good girls names I loved! Anyway, my husband and I are having some trouble agreeing on names, and I just haven't found much that I really like. We don't like really trendy or ordinary names, but we dont' want anything wacky either! Our 17mth old son's name is Bryson middle name Charles-after daddy and gpa, (i wanted Bryce he wanted Mason, so we compromised) anyway, we want something that will sound good with it, but nothing that would be corny he suggested Tyson, umm..Tyson and Bryson, love the name but, no thanks, sounds like rhyming twins names, which i am TOTALLY against being an identical twin myself.

A few of my favorite names currently are Blayne and Brenden, my husband likes Carson and hasn't mentioned much else worth mentioning, he usually just shoots down names I come up with, lol. The middle name will be Edward (family name) if it helps, also our last name sounds like 'moss-man', I know that is a factor when thinking of names. So, thanks so much for any help you can give me, we need it! :)

Hi Amy,

Bryson is currently 178 on the SS list so other names that are similar in popularity are Garrett, Miles, Hudson and Leo. Brendan is right there too.

I do NOT recommend Tyson, lol. Tell your husband that I said no way. You could do something like Tyler but otherwise it's just too rhymey.

I like Blayne a lot and Blayne Edward has a nice ring. What about Blaze? Blake?

Brendan is one of my brother's names so I am partial. I also like Brennan.

Carson is definitely climbing up the charts at record speed, in the '90s it was 282 and it's currently at 89. I like the 'son' names better than the 'aden' names so that's good news to me. ;)

Other 'son' names I like are Dawson, Samson (Sam) and Wilson. Do you call Bryson Bryse?

Hopefully that gave you more ideas! You were headed in the right direction, we just need to get your husband to agree. :)


Ellie said...

She's got some good ones T, I like yours too. What about Clayton???? So if the two boys went by shortened names they would be "Bryce and Clay" I think they may go. And I think Clayton Edward sounds very regal.

ajbmossman said...

Thanks so much for your help..and Ellie i think clayton is cute also! Im still so in love with Blayne for some reason, but hubby says NO...So basically, he is the biggest problem here and he is annoying me to no end on this name stuff.. he 'axes' about everything cute I fall in love with. I dont' know what to do with this man! Thanks for any and all suggestions! At some point something has to stick right!?

ajbmossman said...

Thanks for all your help, NO LUCK with persuading him to use my favorite names...So what do you think of Nolan? We both agreed we really like this name.. with the middle name Edward. They compliment eachother pretty well and it's not super trendy.?? Any opinions?

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