Wednesday, June 24, 2009

sorry for the delay, folks

Hi guys! Sorry my posting has been pretty sparce--I started a new job about a month ago so right now I am learning how to balance working 40 hours a week (which in the car industry, they refer to as part time--nice, eh?), erratic babysitters, housework, etc. I also was pretty burned out by the whole April Rose nonsense. If you don't know what I'm talking about google April Rose, Beccah, Trisomy and Illinois and you can read the sorid details. This was my first 'wtf' in the blog world. I never realized that so many people on blogspot were connected and worked together. I also never realized that you could make up to $50k a month. I know this is very, very uncommon but I've pretty much decided to stick to babynames. I am over kid pimping (see: Jon and Kate plus 8).

Back to your regularly scheduled (happy) blogging!

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Ellie said...

AWFUL! How terrible. This saddens me deeply as I am sure many parents who have suffered with the loss of new or any child's life feel the "true pain" this woman never felt. I also feel sad for her as something must not be right.