Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I know we have readers

I know people read this blog, I have a handy little tracker on the side that shows me where people are reading it come from. If you were to look at our comments you wouldn't think that people are submitting requests or reading. But they are out there! Not surprisingly, many readers hail from Michigan (our home state!), some dally in from Florida and Alabama, mostly friends I've made as we moved around the country but there are a lot of baby namers in Minnesota, Ohio and even the UK that read this blog. Come out come out where ever you are. ;) There is another name blogger out there, her name may rhyme with Whistle, and DANG does she ever get a lot of comments. I don't even think her name suggestions are that great. But then again I'm totally a snob and a little bitchy depending on the day so it might just be me. I still like that Laura Wattenburg though.

Even if you don't like the suggestions, or think that Madison is the best name EVER, we still want to hear from you. We need validation from the internets. Jessica is a half step from emailing ya'll personally and asking what you thought about the names. It's just that oftentimes we spend a decent amount of time brainstorming (that list of East Indian inspired names took hours, literally) and we want some love. We're not too proud to beg.

At least tell me what your kids' names are. We might steal them for our cool name vault.



Kimm said...

I have been pimping you out to all my pregnant friends. :) I check the blog at least once a day. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see Arabel as a suggestion for someone. (I guess that means you approve of my naming choice??) Keep up the good work ladies!!

d e v a n said...

haha! I admit I read the "other" baby name blog too, and rarely comment there either. I just like to hear names. :)
You already know my kids names - so use them if you wish. ;)

Tracy said...

I comment. :)

I'm waiting until I'm further along to make a proper request. However, if you find yourself bored, you can certainly come up with a list for me. :)

kids names:
Olivia Breanne
Austin Davis

MLDB said...

I've been reading ever since you gave me suggestions for my baby (due July 27), and actually just added another name to the table due to your blog (Broderic). I think we are still going with either Everette Michael or Lillian Michael to be the little brother or sister to our little Avery RoseLea (who is almost 3).

Ellie said...

I of course read and watch you share my girls names with others...does this make me flattered or what??? But we've always had similar naming likes!

JWJW2 said...

I have an RSS feed to your blog and get excited every time there is a post. I love this site and am amazed at how well you find names that fit what the parents are asking for. I'll get better about offering my opinions (comments). Keep up the great work! :)

ajbmossman said...

I love reading the site too, you come up with cool names..I just didn't think about commenting on other people's posts.?? I think i'm close to getting my post for name help, god knows I need it, my husband is trying to come up with names, and Im just not liking them!.. Does Cason sound kinda made up? he also said Keaton, and I'm not into that either.. ?? I don't know what my deal is, can't wait to hear your suggestions! anyway.. good job on the blog!

ktruesdale2002 said...

I read this post a lot too! My due date is in two weeks but the dr says any day now (baby number four) We still haven't picked out a name yet but I carry your list with me to try to decide or decide at the hospital. My husband is stuck on Liam but I am still not liking it as a first name. This will be boy number three and he has always liked the name. I love your blog and add names to our ever growing list every time I read. Keep up the good work!!

jamie said...

i've commented a few times! i LOVE your blog, fellow name nerd that i am =)

my son's name is beckett reed.

our list for the next one:
girl= penelope june nn poppy
boy= corbin august (or edward, still not decided, both are family names).

theresa said...

OK now I have the warm fuzzies.

Thanks for the love, girls!!

Renee said...

I love reading and check for new posts everyday. You know my kids names but I will share with everybody else. All middle names are family names.

Makenzi Anne
Braxton Charles Adam
Arianna Mary

CortneyT said...

Lane and Izzy will love your help finding a name for their new baby brother or sister! You rock and your names are awesome. We'd love any help...I think you know the types of names I love! I seriously might steal Bennett though...

Jane and Matt said...

You know I love you and your bitchy comments, I think i have even commented, but will be sure to comment much more often. I promise. You are giving me lots of great ideas for the hypothetical future kid. or dog. or my ever growing brood of god children!

Lisa said...

Hey girls, I read too...even though I don't have any more kids to name (and won't...not ever)

My kids: (as you both know)

Zachary Taylor
Lucas Michael
Elizabeth Grace

Traditional. Old-fashioned. Just like us. You guys should have a static button made for your blog so people can advertise for you on their mine ;)

Sandra R. Vigil said...

I read often and got your link from Ellie but sometimes your comments on my daughter's name (Madison) upset me and of course I have an Emma so I'm probably your worst nightmare ;)

All kidding aside, I love the names you guys come up with. We're not having anymore kids but I love baby names.

Shelbie and Aaron Rose said...

I just found your blog, and I am loving it! My husband and I have one son, and are hoping to add to our family soon! My son's name is Camden Michael (after my dad).