Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kim's List, take two

Ugh- We are still trying to figure out names...Husband really doesn't like Cal and I really don't like his number one pick Liam. Any suggestions? Tyler Lee (middle name of my brother and father) T___ sounds awfully cute to me but it doesn't go with our unintentional "c" or "k" name choices for the sibset. But your recent blog about matching sibling names together has allowed me to be a bit more open. It had some good points!

What do you think of Carter Elias/or/Carter Elliott??? Thanks again for your help! I check every day now for updates on your blog! Like Cameron and Camden but not sure of middle names. I like your suggestions but we haven't agreed on any of them. I really like Keifer, Kenley (old boyfriend named ken so that is out ) hubby doesn't like them either...

Where does Carter rank? I tried to figure it out on the website but didn't.
(P.S. Thanks again for any help... we are running out of time and the drs say i should go any day- already dialated to 3!!!
I had the girl name all picked out...Keira Ann... but this is def a boy to be here soon.)

Hi Kim! A brief summary for the readers: Kim's other children are Colin, Claire and Keegan. She wrote in a few months ago looking for a K or C name.

Alright, let's get to work. Carter is 65 on the SSA list. I'm not a superfan of Liam either. Tyler is definitely a little more trendy while Colin/Claire/Keegan are of an Irish/Celtic background. But if you love it, do it. I like Carter Elias.

Since you are open to breaking away from the C/K, let's throw some new names out there.



JWJW2 said...

I love Carter Elias (to stick with your "C"), but out of the list, my favorite name is Quentin. Good luck!

KimT said...

I love Quentin too. It is on my top list and still has the "C" kinda sound. Thanks for your help! Keep the ideas coming! I will let you know when he arrives and what we decide on! Thanks AGAIN!!