Friday, September 19, 2008

Julie B's list

Julie has very specific name criteria. This is a surprise baby, we will learn the sex at birth. She would like to use the initials N.S. for a girl but she really likes the names Clara, Claire, Nora and Maeve. Family names include Annie, Mary, Nancy and Sue. Ella may be a middle name option. So here are my girl name suggestions:

Claire Ella
Clara Sue
Clara Mary

Nora Susanna
Nora Sophia
Nora Sloane
Nora Shea (pronounced Shay)

Maeve Ella
Maeve Anne

Lily (Susan means 'lily')/Lillian/Lillia

Natalie Sue
Neva Sophia
Nina Scarlett
Nola Sloane
Nola Suzanne
Nola Sage
Neve Simone

Boy name options right now are William, Noah, Samuel, Caleb and Keegan. Family name options for a middle name are Joseph, Frank, Mack, Peter and George. Julie is open to using Brian to honor a family member as well.

My suggestions for boys are:
William Mack
Noah Peter
Keegan George
Caleb Mack
Samuel Frank (Francis?)

Brendan, Brennan and Bryant are also similar to Brian and are of Irish influence.

Vincent Joseph
Colin Mack
Nolan Peter
Oliver Frank
Conner Joseph
Sawyer George
Anderson Mack
Keaton Joseph
Holden George
Elliott Frank
Grady Joseph

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