Tuesday, September 2, 2008

HayesW baby names

This is for one of my Alabama mom friends. She had very specific criteria--no name beginning with C, L, W, S, I and she'd prefer me not to use N or H. The classics were out--no Michael, Andrew, James, etc. And she'd like something biblical. So here is the list--mostly Hebrew names with a smattering of Latin and English derivatives.

I included the meanings and the origin--so L is for Latin, H is for Hebrew, E is for English, W is for Welsh and G is for Greek.

Abbott (H) father
Abrham (h) father of many nations
Adam (H) man of the red earth
Adiel (H) ennobled by his battles
Alon (H) oak
Alva (H) sublime
Amicus (L) beloved friend
Ari (H) lion of God
Asher (H) blessed, ahppy
August (L) majestic

Balthasar (G) God save the king
Barnabas (G/H/L) son of the missionary
Bartlet (E) version of Bartholomew
Benedict (L)/Bennett (E) blessed
Benson (H) Ben-Zion
Blaze (L/E) flame

Dante (L) enduring
Davis (W) son of David
Dexter (L) dexterious
Dominic (L) belonging to the Lord

Eben (H) rock
Elias (H) Lord is my God
Elliott (E) form of Elijah
Ephraim (H) fruitful
Ezekiel (H) strength of God
Ezra (H) helper

Felix (L) happy

Galileo (H) from Galilee
Gideon (H) tree cutter
Gracien/Gracen (L) posseser of grace

Jared (H) from Jordan
Jedidiah (H) friend of God
Jeremiah (H) God will uplift
Jethro (H) abundant
Joachim/Joaquin (H) raised by Yahweh
Joel (H) God is willing
Jonah (H) dove
Jonas (H) he accomplishes
Josiah (H) fire of the Lord
Jude/Judah (H) praised
Julian (L) youthful

Malachi (H) angel of God
Mathias (H) offered up to God
Micah(H) who is like the Lord?
Moses (H) drawn out of the water

Obidiah (H) servant
Oliver (L) olive tree
Oren (H) pine tree
Ori (H) my light
Orion (G) son of fire

Paul (L) small
Pax (L) peaceful
Philip (G) lover of horses
Porter (L) gatekeeper

Quentin (L) fifth

Rani (H) my sons, my joy
Rocco (Italian) rock
Roman (L) from Rome

Thaddeus (G) courageous
Theodore (G) gift of God
Tobias (G) God is good

Valentine (L) strong
Vincent (L) victorious
Vero (L) truthful

Zaccheus (H) innocent
Zachariah (H) God remembered
Zane (E) form of John
Zebediah (H) God's gift
Zion (H) sign, omen

My favorites of the bunch are Ari, Blaze, Dominic, Ezra, Gideon, Jeremiah, Jude, Mathias, Oren, Pax, Rocco, Thaddeus and Zane.


Leah said...

OMGoodness! I love your site! I am HAyesW's lil' sisterleah! And let me tell you that we are name snobs too! I LOVE the list! I think it is WONDERFUL!!! When my hubby and I get pg, I will definately send you an email so that you can help us out! Ugh! it's so nice to not be the only name snobs out there!!!

jabeena sk said...

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