Friday, February 13, 2009

Obscure Names that I Love

I had some time this afternoon and I made a master list of names that I think are cool that are not really on the current naming radar. The first set of numbers is when they peaked and the second number is where it is now. I used the voyager site for most of this project.

Ada (1880s at 46, 646)
Adele (1910s at 202, n/a) I wonder if Adele will make a comeback due to the singer Adele, who is awesome--listen to Chasing Pavements
Agnes (1890s at 39, n/a) We seem to love Maggie, why not Aggie?
Aileen (1920s at 304, 500) There is an Aileen in my son's preschool class, she's adorable and the name has really grown on me.
Alma (1890s at 54, 713)
Antonia (1920s at 307, 996). My Antonia anyone?
Audra (randomly peaked in the 1910s, 1970s, currently n/a)

Beatrice (1910s at 30, n/a)

Cleo (1910s at 30, n/a) My BFF Brooke has a daughter named with this name and it perfectly suits a spunky, cute, feisty little girl.
Cordelia (1880s at 269, n/a)

Dara (not in the top 1000, ever)
Della (1880s at 68, n/a)
Dora (1880s at 5, n/a) If you can get Dora the Explorer out of your head, it's a great name.

Estella (1880s at 115, n/a)
Evangeline (1920s at 430, 459 currently!) Evangeline came out of nowhere in 2007, I blame Lost.

Fern (1900s at 180, n/a)
Flora (1880s at 155, n/a)
Frieda (1890s at 155, n/a)

Gemma (not in the top 1000 ever) I LOVE this name, it's popular across the pond and a great alternative to Emma, Emily, etc.
Gilda (1920s at 469, n/a)

Harriett (1880s at 194, n/a)

Imogen (never in the top 1000)
Iola (1910s at 345, n/a) My husband's great aunt (a spry 92) is Iola V. (no middle name, just the letter V)

June (1920s at 45, n/a) Juno, Junebug, Junie, all super cute.

Laurel (1950s at 203, 942 today)
Leona (1900s at 16, n/a)
Louisa (1880s at 151, n/a)

Matilda (1880s at 110, n/a)
Millie (1880s at 143, n/a)
Mona (1950s at 240, n/a)

Neva (1900s at 277, n/a)
Nola (1900s at 289, n/a)

Olive (1890s at 88, n/a)

Polly (1930s at 326, n/a)

Rosalie (1930s at 153, n/a) My money says Twilight boosts this name up quite a bit in the next five years.
Rosalind (1940s at 346, n/a)

Susanna (1880s at 344, n/a)

Terese (1950s at 643, n/a)

Viola (1920s at 301, n/a)

Willa (1920s at 301, n/a) If my married name didn't start with a W, I'd be all over this lovely name.

Zelda (1900 at 441, n/a)
Zora (1900 at 408, n/a)

There are so many cool baby girl names in this list. I am 2-2 for boys and I feel that even if we go for three I'll just end up growing yet another penis.


Tracy said...

Matilda is one of my favorite girl names!

Ellie said...

So, looking at the names, I do think many of them are becoming popular. I have friends who have used a lot of them lately. Flora, Aileen, Lorena, etc. I love your names know I do!

Dan & Colene said...

I named my daughter Zella. I found it in our genealogy from 1910. Love it. Everyone under 40 loves the name and it has grown on the over 40 crowd. Love the name & her!