Saturday, December 20, 2008

Reworking the top 20 boy names

I took the list from the SSA's site, but it may be a little off as they do not combine multiple spellings--so Caden/Kaden/Kayden are all listed as individual names. So if you like something from the top 20 but are uneasy about your child being Alex S. for the rest of his life, here are some options. I will say that I do have a James (15 in 2007) and I've only met a couple little boys in the last four years that share his name. I know more little boys named Aiden/Aidan/Aden but it is not listed in the top 20. Aiden is 27, Aidan is 54 and Adan/Aydan/Aedan are in the upper hundreds.

And here we go.

1. Jacob
Colby, Jace, Jax
2. Michael
Micah, Malachy
3. Ethan
Ewan, Everett
4. Joshua
Jude, Judah, Elijah
5. Daniel
Dashiell, Dane, Dante
6. Christopher
Christian, Topher, Chase, Christoff
7. Anthony
Anton, Theo, Asher
8. William
Liam, Wills, Wilson
9. Matthew
Mathias, Mattingly, Mateo
10. Andrew
Anderson, Anders, Drew
11. Alexander
Xander, Maxim, Alton
12. David
Davis, Davin, Dayton
13. Joseph
Josiah, Joel, Joaquin
14. Noah
Moses, Thaddeus, Jerimiah
15. James
Jameson, Seamus, Lane
16. Ryan
Orion, Ryder
17. Logan
Finn, Landen, Brogan
18. Jayden
Jordan, Julian, Braylon
19. John
Ian, Sean, Evan
20. Nicholas
Nico, Nixon, Silas

Holy biblical names! Almost every name in the top 20 (minus Ryan, Logan and Jayden) is either a saint's name or from the Bible. I used James and Jude in my kids' names, so obviously I have a penchant for the apostles. If we have another boy some day, chances are we'd go more the Irish-Gaelic route and skip the top 200 if possible.

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